Three IRS Deadlines That You Should Be Aware Of

It is that time of year again! Tax season is upon us and it is time to file those tax returns! If you are unsure of where to begin your process for filing your taxes, perhaps you should consider finding bookkeeping services in Miami. The reason that Miami bookkeeping is a good idea is that they will be well versed in what the exact dates for the IRS tax deadlines actually are. Additionally, they will be able to assist you in meeting these deadlines in a timely manner in order to avoid late fees. Here are the basic important IRS deadline that you should be aware of:

March 15th is the Deadline for Businesses.

This date is quite important regardless of the size of your business. What is important to remember is that your business return is due a month earlier than your personal return and it is best to start organizing your business return in February in case you are missing crucial documentation required for your return.

The Tax Deadline for Personal Returns is April 18th.

Although this date rotates every year, it is important to keep track of this date and to be sure that you file on time. Another benefit to knowing this date is to know that you can file as early as you receive your tax return information at the end of January. By doing this, you will likely get your refund much earlier given the fact that the IRS will be less busy.

Remember That States Have Different Filing Deadlines.

A common mistake is that people assume that federal and state have the same filing deadlines. What is important to remember is that you should verify with your individual state what the filing deadline is and make sure that you comply with that state’s requirements.

Remembering the filing deadlines that apply to you is crucial. By taking note of them you will enjoy a great reduction in fees and headaches down the road.

Danny CesarThree IRS Deadlines That You Should Be Aware Of
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