Outsourced Bookkeeping

Fearless and transparent accounting

Your books are the last thing you should worry about. You can count on Lejjer to always have everything ready and finished on time.

Detail-oriented team

Lejjer hands you a team of bookkeepers which ensures checks and balances so you have accurate books and peace of mind.

Tax-season support

We’re not just bookkeepers, we’re also accountants. You never have to scramble during tax season again. Have your own CPA? We’ll work with them too.

More than customer service

You come first

You will always be our number one priority. Most of our clients are budding entrepreneurs. We consider our clients part of the Lejjer family.

Questions? Just ask

Whatever questions or concerns you have, big or small, we make sure to take care of you and be there whenever you need us.

Lejjer works all year

At the end of the year, companies are faced with the burden of closing their books. But with Lejjer, our bookkeeping teams take care of all year-end requirements accurately and efficiently.

Frustration, a thing of the past

Most times, small businesses get mixed up due to technicalities involved. Lejjer understands that making changes to books need to be in compliance with your company’s bylaws and government regulations.

In-House Bookkeeping Service

Quality can never be cheated. At Lejjer, we never outsource any part of our bookkeeping service. All of your records and sensitive information are handled securely and confidentially in-house. Now go save the world while we handle this for you.


Cash Vs. Accrual

Take advantage of Lejjer’s cash bookkeeping to manage your business accounts and receive accurate and detailed financial reports. Our team of experienced accountant will help you develop a solid cash flow plan that works in tandem with your business operations. Your cash book will be automatically updated with the details of your payments and sales placed into your system.

  • Budget Reporting
  • GST Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Graphs of Business Cash Flow Performance
  • Monthly and Year to Date Cash Flow Report

Accrual is an accounting method that recognizes revenues when they are earned, regardless of when payment is made.

Why Accrual? Expenses are matched with the related revenues and reported when expenses occur, but not when payment is made. The sole basis of accrual accounting is to highlight a statement that shows the financial health of the company during a specific period of time.

Unlike cash, accrual focuses on when income is earned and expenses are incurred. Consequently, all transactions are recorded regardless of when cash exchanges hands.

To determine if accrual is best suit for your business, think about

  • Your business size
  • How complex your transactions and processes are
  • Whether you have the resources required to manage accrual accounting

How your bookkeeping team works for you

  • Clears transactions
  • Posts transfers
  • Reviews invoices
  • Creates invoices
  • Posts payments
  • Posts credits
  • Reconciles accounts
  • Gets familiar with expenses
  • Gets familiar with income
  • Maintains chart of accounts
  • Reviews expenses
  • Reviews income
  • Tags fixed assets
  • Monitors fixed assets
  • Reviews profit & loss
  • Reviews balance sheet
  • Monitors your business goals
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Provide annual profit and loss report
  • Provide annual balance sheet
  • Provide annual distribution report
  • Corporation annual renewal with state
  • Federal and state compliance check