Lejjer makes payroll as easy as it gets. We run it for you.


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Simple payroll set up

Sit back and relax. Apart from holding your hand, we make it extremely easy to get your payroll running as soon as possible.

Employee Access

Our professional accountants are happy to provide your employees with easy access to their W-2 forms and similar documentation.

Tax Filings

Lejjer automatically pays and files your employees’ federal and state withholdings, social security, medicare and any other filings.

Compliance Checks

We file new hire paperwork with the state for you and take care of I-9s, federal W-4s, and more. Don’t sweat it. We use security encryption.


Human error is inevitable and can be a great challenge to your payroll. Lejjer guarantees accuracy of your company’s payroll.

Customer Service

We hate to wait, so why should you? When you work with Lejjer, you’ll discover what great support really means.

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